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 Priyanshi of class 8th of K V Gill Nagar Chennai is participating in the story mirror schools writing competition,2018.
She needs lots of votes for winning this contest which will earn her , recognition all over and name and fame to her institution Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.
Hence, It is sincerely requested that this message be shared among all groups known to you. Lets vote and support her to win this prestigeous contest .

My story:


Aadira in moon land

S.No. Contest Member Score Quizzes Taken Quizzes Passed
1 Rathin P (varathin) 9900 59 54
2 SANTHOSH S (santhosh007) 9415 124 72
3 kavin k (kavin977) 7280 44 38
5 KHITESHA A (khitesha9A) 2250 36 15
6 Harish S (Harish1819) 1685 25 15
7 Gokul A (aditya5) 1670 83 12
8 nandini n (Nandini13) 1085 14 10
9 JAIHIND(10A) M (jaihind007) 940 15 6
10 janhavi(9a) M (harryjanhavi) 920 8 5
11 harshitha h (nikitha11) 835 30 7
12 Hanshika P (hanshi) 800 4 4
13 solomon r (jjhsolomon) 630 7 4
14 dhivya[8a] b (dhivya) 585 8 5
15 ramya s (ramya11) 550 11 5
16 JAIHIND M (mjaihind7) 360 5 2
17 PAVITHRA (10A) P (PAVITRA) 335 7 2
18 kaviya7A a (kaviyam) 250 18 2
19 velamuri s (shanmukhi22) 200 5 2
20 abdul R (abdul909) 180 3 1
21 prasanna p (prasanna11) 150 4 1
22 JAIKANTH d (JAIKANTh) 100 6 1
23 Aadi keshava kishore K (kishvijay05) 100 17 1
24 ching n (jennefir) 100 3 1
25 nalini s (navani7) 100 6 1
26 hari{7b} H (hariharan) 0 2 0

Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers appointed on Contractual Basis


18, Institutional Area, S.J. Marg, New Delhi – 110016.


Date  : 21.03.13


The Deputy Commissioner

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

All Regions

Subject: Appointment of Teachers on Contractual Basis – reg.


The Board of Governors of KVS in its 94th meeting held on 28.12.2012 has approved the recommendation of the Finance committee about the changes in the terms and conditions of appointment of teachers on contract in Kendriya Vidyalayas. The same is stated below for your information and needful compliance.

1.A contractual teacher who has served in a KV in a year may be considered in subsequent year(s) by the Selection Committee for a fresh appointment as Contractual teachers by following due procedure. Consolidated remuneration to be paid to different categories of teachers appointed on contract basis is appended as Annexure-I.

2. Consolidated payment on monthly basis may be made to the contractual teachers for the duties performed including invigilation/exam related work instead of per period basis hitherto in force in the Kendriya Vidyalayas. However, the contractual teachers appointed for a period of less than a month will be paid on pro rata basis only. (Refer Annexure – II).

3. Teachers appointed on contractual basis will not be entitled for vacation pay and during Autumn/Winter break payment should be calculated on the pro rata basis.

You are requested to disseminate the information to all Kendirya Vidayalayas under your jurisdiction for compliance immediately.

This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

Yours faithfully,


(Dr.Shachi Kant)

Joint Commissioner (Acad/Trg)

Annexure – I

Sl.No. Designation Station Consolidated Pay
1 PGT All Subject Normal Rs. 27,500
2 Hard Rs. 32,500
3 Very Hard Rs. 35,000
4 TGT All Subject Normal Rs. 26,250
5 Hard Rs. 31,250
6 Very Hard Rs. 33,750
7 PRT Normal Rs. 21,250
8 Hard Rs. 26,250
9 Very Hard Rs. 28,750
10 “Computer Instructor
(Teaching in classes III to V)”
Normal Rs. 21,250
11 Hard Rs. 26,250
12 Very Hard Rs. 28,750
13 “Computer Instructor
(Teaching in classes VI onwards)”
Normal Rs. 26,250
14 Hard Rs. 31,250
15 Very Hard Rs. 33,750
16 Vocational Instructor for
craft/dance music/art/sports etc.
Normal Rs. 21,250
17 Hard Rs. 26,250
18 Very Hard Rs. 28,750
19 Spoken English Teacher Normal Rs. 18,750
20 Hard Rs. 23,750
21 Very Hard Rs. 26,250

Annexure – II

The monthly payment towards the contractual teachers and the pro rata payment to the teachers may be regulated as follws.

In the overall interest of the organization, the calculation for the pro rata payment should be made as under:-

Example :- In the normal station, a PGT worked for 15 days in April’ 13 from 01.04.13 to 15.04.13.

Consolidated Pay / 30 Days x No of days worked

Say as : Rs.27,500 / 30 Days x 15 Days = Rs.13,750.

Courtesy: G Connect



The Library Committee is formed in the Vidyalaya with the following members for the session 2018-19

Chairman: Smt. Bindu P.S

Co-ordinator : Alok Jaiswal (Librarian)

Members (Staff)

  1. Mrs. Rajlakshmi PGT (Eng.)
  2. Mr. Ajith N.K, PGT (Comp.Sc.)
  3. Mr. Manoharan, TGT (Skt.)
  4. Mrs. Esther Kamalam, TGT (Eng.)
  5. Mrs. Usha Rao, PRT
  6. Mrs. C. Sudha, PRT

Members (Student)

  1. Rathin P A                           XI
  2. Taneesha Tadisetti            XI
  3. Thanima Pramod              XI
  4. Asipu Khitesha                   X A
  5. Shailesh Kumar                 X A
  6. Aadi Keshav kishor          IX A
  7. Rukmini Priya darshini  IX B








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